"My artworks are artistic reflections of my life and personal feelings as a Mexican woman, spiritual, emocional or intelectual."

I do different kinds of art as painting, collage, assemblage, altered art, mixed media, geometric art, art journals, ceramics, sculpture, gelli mono-prints, digital art, set designing and book illustration.

What really motivates me is the process of creation and experimentation and getting physically involved  in my works of art. I like doing ecologic art taking care of the environment and playing with my creativity.

Textures, transparencies, drippings or impastos express events in my life and mind as happiness, stress, sex, scars, tears or peace.

There are  always changes in my art the same as in my life.

Blanca Ruth”





Blanca Ruth Casanova has been awarded with twelve international prizes  for her artwork. 

One of the most important awards is the one got at the Estense Castle in Ferrara, Italy, given by gallerists and art critics by means ofevisan International Association in Italy. 

Another very important award is the one got at the Louvre Museum in Paris,  France given by the Societé National des Beaux Arts, by Camden Gallery London, England and Gallery 64, Hendaye, France.


Blanca Ruth studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design in México. She has taken various courses at the Metropolitan Art Museum and MOMA in New York, Art Institute of Chicago, Academia de San Carlos in México, etc. and she got a Ph.D. in England.

She has had 15 solo shows and more tan 125 group exhibitions worldwide in México, Europa, USA, China and Australia.

Her interviews and artwork have appeared in books, newspaper, catalogs, and magazines in different parts of the world. 

Her paintings have appeared in films set desi. 

Blanca Ruth is Art Appreciation Teacher in México where she teaches the art education courses of international museums as the Metropolitan Art Museum, Museum of Modern Art in New York, Art Institute of Chicago, and  National Gallery in London, among others.

She is preparing her own art courses online at